Welcome to Twilight Lounge, Caribbean Restaurant & Bar


Welcome to Twilight Lounge, Caribbean Restaurant and Bar. We are the 1st Charlotte based Caribbean Restaurant and Bar serving authentic foods from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. We are conveniently located in the North Lake area, right next to Highway 77 and W T Harris Blvd. We serve dishes such as roti, curry chicken and beef, goat, shrimp, stews, rice & dhal, jerk wings, caribbean wings, beef patties and many more caribbean favorites. Please click on the menu page for the complete spread and lunch special hours. Our fully stocked bar is also open during normal business hours. At night, the mood is set to take you away to island breezes.

House Specialties


Roti is a prominent dish in the West Indian countries especially Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, Guyana, Suriname and others. Roti can be eaten as is or served with curried meat (chicken, beef, goat) and sautéed or curried vegetables (potato, cabbage, string beans, chick peas, etc.). Two of the most popular Roti are:

*Dhalpuri – A thin flatbread stuffed with seasoned ground yellow split peas.
*Paratha Roti – Also called “Buss-up-Shut” is a crispy layered, flaky flatbread.

Curry Dish

Trinidadians curry a variety of foods from meat and seafood to vegetables and fruits. Trinidadians curry just about anything and make it taste delicious. The secret is using a good Trini curry powder.

Our most popular curry dishes are chicken (bone and boneless), goat, beef, shrimp, potato, chickpeas (aka chana).

Jamaica Jerk DIsh

Our hot, succulent Jamaican Jerk is a tropical treat worth trying. For those who are not accustom to the heat we have toned it down so you can still enjoy the flavor of this fiery marinade. Our most popular jerk appetizers include wings and pork, while our jerk dishes include: chicken, fish and shrimp.

It is served on a roti wrap, tortilla wrap, rice and peas, salad, or cocoa bread.